The Art of Endodontics
A 2-Day Laboratory course focusing on all anatomy

De preparatie van wortelkanalen is doelmatig, efficiënter en veiliger door het gebruik van nikkeltitaniuminstrumenten. Deze instrumenten worden tegenwoordig gehanteerd in specifiek aangedreven

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Over deze cursus

WORK CLOSELY WITH DR. BUCHANAN in his two-day limited attendance laboratory course. Self-paced exercises and one-on-one coaching enable participants to train-up from fundamental concepts to complex case strategies, regardless of their specific experiences and skill levels.

  • Stephen Buchanan  Endodontist

    Stephen Buchanan is a well known endodontist and maintains a private practice limited to endodontics and implant surgery in Santa Barbara, California. Dr. Buchanan has developed multiple instruments and techniques in the field of endodontics.


  • Access: How to create ideal access form - not endless access openings - and eliminate cervically-positioned curvature
  • Negotiation and apical gauging techniques with standard K-files
  • Apex locator usage and the importance of using an Apex Locator 100% of the time
  • The safe and efficient use of rotary nickel-titanium files: advantages and pitfalls
  • Crown-down shaping techniques with GT Series X (GTX) rotary files, including file selection for all canal morphology
  • Techniques for difficult canals with impediments, using pre-bent K-files and GT Hand Files
  • The importance of lubricants, irrigants and chelating agents for negotiation, cleaning efficacy and smear layer removal
  • Centered-compaction obturation techniques including proper selection of gutta percha, paper points and GTX obturators
  • Downpacking and backfill with the System-B/Elements heat source using the Continuous Wave of Condensation technique
  • Carrier-based obturation
  • How to safely remove carriers and gutta percha
  • The specialist/generalist relationship in root canal therapy
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The Art of Endodontics

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