Anterior resin artistry
A two-day hands-on course on simple and advanced direct resin in the anterior region

De preparatie van wortelkanalen is doelmatig, efficiënter en veiliger door het gebruik van nikkeltitaniuminstrumenten. Deze instrumenten worden tegenwoordig gehanteerd in specifiek aangedreven

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  • Shade selection
  • Incisal edge shade and anatomy
  • How to produce a rapid and inexpensive indirect mock-up for a functional smile design
  • Preparation design
  • How to handle a discoloured tooth, diastema closures and microdont teeth
  • A simple and effective finishing protocol to create masterpieces easily
  • A predictable approach to recontrsuct worn down teeth and creating functional occlusion
  • Increasing vertical dimension and re-establishing anterior guidance with direct resin

Over deze cursus

Direct resins in the anterior dentition have become a common, day to day treatment modality and can produce functional, highly esthetic and long lasting restorations which are not invasive to tooth structure.
Jason Smithson aims to unravel and de-mystifyconcepts such as shade selection and macro- and microanatomy and pull them together with a simple step-by-step protocol. Topics as treatment planning, diagnostics, preparation, composite placemenet and finishing will be discussed. In the hands-on part of the course all this can be trained on a typodont, allowing the parctitioner to achieve outstanding results on a consistant basis. Time after time...

This course is designed to allow the practitioner to also approach the more challenging cases with direct resin in combination with simple orthodontic therapy, occlusal rehabilitation and bleachinh where indicated.

  • Jason Smithson  Tandarts

    Jason Smithson is in 1995 afgestudeerd aan het Royal Hospital London. Momenteel is hij werkzaam in zijn praktijk in Cornwall, in het zuiden van Engeland. Naast het geven van cursussen richt hij zich op microscope enhanced adhesive dentistry.


  • To be able to create a natural looking incisal edge in simple and comlex cases
  • Knowing when and how to use an indirect mock-up
  • Knowing how to handle discoloured teeth, diastema closure and microdont teeth
  • To be able to create a natural looking surface of the restoration
  • Knowing how to reconstruct worn down teeht with direct resin
  • Being able to re-estabish anterior guidance using direct resin
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Anterior resin artistry

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